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stained_panties's Journal

5 February
american history x, atlanta braves, atreyu, backyard wrestling, bagels with cream cheese, beavis and butthead, begal bites, being alone, being white, black label society, black sabbath, bleeding through, bobbys world, bondage pants, boobs, bowling, boy meets world, breakfast club, britney spears is hot, chimaira, clerks, clowns, concerts, cradle of filth, czw, dallas cowboys, depswa, diablo2, dig dug, dimmu borgir, distured, drew carey, drinkin beer, edward scissorhands, eminem, f-r-i-e-n-d-s, family guy, fear factory, ferris bueller's day off, from nothing, gatorade, girls, god forbid, hacki sack, halloween, happy days, hatebreed, heavy metal, hey dude, hockey, hot pockets, icp, ill nino, jay and silent bob, jenna jameson, jennifer lopez is hot, jessica biel, joe dirt, joey jordison, johnny depp, johns mom, just shoot me, killswitch engage, korn, lamb of god, leather, led zeppelin, light tubes, lita, mallrats, marilyn manson, married with children, mcchickens, mcdonalds, metallica, micheal myers, motzerella sticks, mountain dew, mudvayne, murderdolls, nhl, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, oakland raiders, oodles of noodles, orange, oranges, orgy, otep, ozzy osbourne, paris hilton, pasta, pepsi, philadelphia flyers, philadelphia phillies, pink flyod, pizza, pizza hut, playing guitar, playing snake, popeyes, porn, queen, reading my horoscope, real world, resse peanut butter cups, road rules, rob zombie, rockos modern life, salute your shorts, san jose sharks, scars, secert window, seinfeld, shadows fall, shelltops, simpsons, sixteen candles, sky lopez, slayer, slipknot, snickers, stacy keibler, stone sour, sworn enemy, system of a down, taco bell, taproot, tattoos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, texas chainsaw massacre, the brady bunch, the crow, the dark, the days, the mighty ducks, the original power rangers, thunderstorms, tiffany amber thiessen, toronto mapleleafs, torrie wilson, trenchcoats, trish stratus, unearth, union underground, veronica from road rules, viva la bam, wonder years, wwe, zebra print